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Struggling with seasonal allergies? Do you catch winter colds every year? Do you have asthma triggered by the weather?

There's a Chinese Medicine treatment for that!

There has been a resurgence of Heavenly Moxibustion in recent years - a practice dating back to the Qing Dynasty known as San Fu Moxa that is tied to dates in the calendar. 

Instead of mugwort, the treatment uses herbs ground into a fine powder, mixed with fresh ginger juice into a paste, and taped to points on the back and legs. The treatment is designed to treat asthma, lung disorders, and allergies which affect the upper respiratory system. The treatment is traditionally done on specific days in summer according to the Chinese calendar and Daoist astrology- hence the name "heavenly" since it is in part based on where we are in the heavens at that time of year.

Come to Pacific College of Oriental Medicine for a short 1 hour free lecture and demo on this amazing technique.

The discussion is specifically designed for practitioners and TCM students so that we as a community can add another treatment modality to our tool kit for patients. 

Walk in treatment hours for this unique treatment will be held at the Kintsugi Alchemy Center (click here for details).