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Struggling with seasonal allergies? Do you catch winter colds every year? Do you have asthma triggered by the weather? There's a Chinese medicine treatment for that!

This unique traditional treatment is conducted over 3 days in summer that are determined based on the Daoist Astrological calendar. 

The Kintsugi Alchemy Center will be holding special walk-in hours for anyone interested in receiving this unique treatment. 

San Fu is sometimes translated as the "three hidings" since it references three 10-day periods that are predicted to be the hottest days of the year - or what we sometimes call in English "the dog days of summer". The treatment is given on the first day of each Fu period; so the patient comes in once every 10 days to have the paste taped to points mostly located either on their back or lower legs. Traditional Chinese hospitals are known to have lines out the doors on the Fu days with patients waiting for hours to have their points taped.

Mugwort is not the only type of "moxibustion" used; instead of mugwort, the treatment uses herbs ground into a powder, mixed with fresh ginger juice into a paste, and taped to points to treat asthma, lung disorders, and allergies which affect the upper respiratory system.

Walk-in hours for this unique 10 minute treatment will be available all three days.

Cost per Treatment: $15