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  • United States

Throughout this special 5 part series, in each 2-hour workshop we will…

  •   …deep dive into each of the 5 elements to obtain an understanding of how they are viewed both inside and outside the body.
  • …learn the basic meridian pathways for each element so you can understand how they move in your body during yoga sets and help you function in daily life
  • …experience the element’s pathway in your body via yoga sets and meditations that specifically highlight each of the elements

Each class is a stand alone workshop, so please come for one or stay for all!

Fire as the Heart of Consciousness!

There's a difference between a match, a forest fire, a slow burn charcoal fire, a flash fire, an explosion, and a fire that’s tended to.

Fire is alchemy; it has the magical ability to transform and transmute via the vibration of heat. It can take something from the raw unusable indigestible form and change it into something that’s life sustaining.

Fire in the body represents consciousness, the heart, spirit's ability to connect with others, the small intestine and its skill in separating the clear from the turbid - both physically and metaphysically. Fire channels are what make a hand shake meaningful, a hug powerful, and how Sat Kriya channels the divine.

And if none of this makes sense, simply come to learn how strong you truly are and meditate for a calm heart. 

Pre-registration is $35 per class / $150 for all five / Day of cost is $40

Space is limited; to register, please call Hari NYC at (212) 465-0606