Plant medicine comes in many forms and sneaks its way into the most unlikely places. It can be the chamomile tea that you use to fall asleep, the weird pills your acupuncturist gives you for your back pain, or the chemotherapy your mother receives at the hospital. 

It's important to remain committed and open to remedies that are not only known to work, but are sustainable to both human and environment.  

"Charlotte's Web" is a specific strain of marijuana that was developed to treat seizures and muscle spasms by the Stanely Brothers in Colorado. The strain the brother's bred was originally called the "Hippie's Disappointment" because it contains 0.8 percent (or less) tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) - which is a fancy way of saying that it won't get you high.  

Their purposes for breeding such boring pot was to discover what benefits could be reaped from the plant's compounds for patients who didn't benefit from psycho-activity. The brothers journey led to the development of a non-psychotropic strain of marijuana which is drastically reducing seizures for many pediatric epilepsy patients in Colorado.

In the TED Talk below, Josh sifts through the propaganda and fear encompassing medical marijuana. With millions facing life-threatening illnesses, Josh outlines the hurdles needed to effect social change and maps a path toward helping those who desperately need revolutionary medicine.