Healing is coming to a place of comfort; health is coming to that place where you thrive. Being healthy means joie de vivre - you delight in being alive! 

I believe practicing holistically means treating your body, your heart, your spirit, and working with your broader healthcare team. Asian Medicine encompasses acupuncture, herbs, cupping, massage, Qi Gong - modalities that call on your own body's ability to heal itself.  I look forward to integrating these into your journey and bearing witness to the path that takes you beyond healing.

Virtual Consultations

For established patients, online virtual consultations are available. VSee is an online HIPPA compliant software similar to Skype; all online sessions are conducted through VSee in order to ensure patient privacy as a secure method of online communication.

Follow-up 30 min session: $150

Asian Medicine appointment

This includes a full holistic assessment and treatment which may include acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion, Tui-Na massage, and an herbal prescription if deemed necessary. The cost of any prescribed herbs or nutritional supplements is separate.

Initial 90 min visit: $275  
Follow-up 60 min visit: $185

Please note that regardless of insurance coverage, a credit card is required to hold all appointments. There is a 24 hour cancellation policy; all cancellations will be charged in full. 

As a means to making the Chinese medicine as accessible as possible, Dr Lovie maintains limited hours as a supervisor in the clinic at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in New York.

  • Appointments are offered at a reduced rate but must be booked directly with the college (Click here for more info).
  • You may book an appointment with an intern that is being directly supervised by Dr Lovie; however, all treatments will be administered by the clinic intern.
  • You may book an appointment on a practitioner shift; however, Dr Lovie will be accompanied by a minimum of 4 assistants and acupuncture will be administered by both Dr Lovie and her assistants.