Since starting practice in 2009, I've treated thousands of patients and loved every single one. 

It's an absolute joy, honor, privilege, and humbling experience to be invited into people's lives on such a personal level. To witness is to heal both the observed and the observer. I have gratitude for all who've graced my table.

"I brought my 9 year old daughter to Heidi for Celiac and gastrointestinal issues. We have been to MANY doctors, and Heidi took more time with us and listened more attentively than any medical professional has. She was caring, kind, funny, and thoughtful. She made my daughter feel completely at ease. Western medicine could learn a great deal from Heidi about intelligence, compassion, and the importance of listening!"

- Alison K. / Lawyer / New York City, NY

"Heidi is the best. I had never tried acupuncture before seeing Heidi and she made such an easy and great experience. She really takes the time to get to know you and understand what is going on in your life. I can't imagine my life without my monthly visit at this point!"

- Thomas J. / Finance / New York City, NY

"I came to Heidi because I started having health problems 7 months ago with lingering painful side effects that are effecting the quality of my life. Heidi is brilliant, gentle, generous, kind and all around awesome. I am afraid of needles. But Heidi's acupuncture was easy! Heidi created a plan for me to get my health back. I'm finally hopeful and very grateful to be working with such a brilliant practitioner."

- Carrie D. / Social Worker / New York City, NY

"I was referred to Heidi from a coworker a couple of years ago for low back pain. She is absolutely amazing! I have come to sessions with all sorts of issues & always leave feeling better. I am a massage therapist & constantly refer my clients to Heidi for her expertise."

Juliet W. / Licensed Massage Therapist / New York City, NY

"I met with Heidi after visiting over a dozen doctors and several acupuncturists. At that point, I had been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and I didn't know if I would ever regain my normal energy.  Fortunately, a friend who had been treated by Heidi convinced me to travel from my home in Washington, DC to New York for an appointment.  

My meeting with Heidi was a turning point.  She reviewed my medical history, consulted with her colleagues, and referred me to a new infectious disease doctor who identified a parasite other doctors had missed.  Under Heidi's treatment, I grew healthier and was thrilled to resume activities that I had been forced to abandon for nearly two years. Heidi is extremely knowledgeable about how acupuncture can compliment western medicine, and she equipped me with the terminology and research I needed to initiate a dialogue with my doctors and gain their support for my treatment. I am incredibly grateful for Heidi's skill, compassion, and pragmatic approach. My family refers to Heidi as my "lifesaver" and I agree!  

Heidi has been an crucial resource for my recovery, and I enthusiastically recommend her services without hesitation." 

- Caroline L. / Washington, D.C. / International Development

"Heidi truly embodies the word ROCKSTAR through and through. From her extensive knowledge of Chinese Medicine and its practical applications to the way she explains it all so passionately in terms that absolutely resonate, I found her to be completely captivating. I came to Heidi to help me get through a very difficult period in my life and I found not only that her creative acupuncture solutions provided me with EXACTLY what it was that I needed but also unexpectedly received such wise and caring words of encouragement, support, and guidance that seriously have changed my life. Heidi is nothing short of amazing."

-Sarah A. / Branding / New York City, NY

"Heidi first took care of me (for muscular/skeletal issues) at the the very fine acupuncture school/clinic where she was training years ago; it was clear even then that she was a master at which she does. I followed Heidi to her private practice, where, over the years that I have been having regular acupuncture treatments, issues of weight control and clear skin (important in my profession!) have been helped by her skill and expertise. Improved sleep, increased energy – and a sense of balance, equilibrium and well-being have resulted from the privilege of being treated by a person whose great depth and breadth of knowledge is matched by her caring and compassion." 

Barbara L. / Actor & Model / New York City, NY

"I have been dealing with chronic lower back/hip pain since 2009. I've tried almost every treatment, including acupuncture, short of surgery with mixed results.

I was referred to Heidi in early 2012 by an LMT who herself was a patient of Heidi at one point. During my first session, I could tell right away Heidi was extremely knowledgeable about Eastern and Western medicine, asking all the right questions about symptoms and patterns as well as qualitative questions about lifestyle and habits. I think this last step is sometimes lost with many practitioners who treat it as another process in patient orientation.

She tailored a treatment plan that encompassed not only acupuncture but also cupping and herbal therapy. Following the first session, I felt immediate relief and the improvements were noticeable with each session. Since then, she has also successfully treated me for my chronic insomnia as well as anxiety which have been an unexpected bonus!  

I still see Heidi for ‘tune-ups’ but she has gotten me to a point where I can better manage my symptoms on my own. I think what sets her apart from my prior experience with acupuncture is that she’s extremely intuitive and not afraid to change up treatments as necessary. I would enthusiastically recommend Heidi for treatment of back pain and many other everyday ails."

- Kevin P. / IT Development / New York City, NY

"I went to Heidi in order to support my chemotherapy treatment with acupuncture. I had a decent time during my chemo treatment (if one can say so when it comes to chemo) - and I attribute it in great part to Heidi’s help. She prescribed some wonderful herbs to support me during chemo and after treatment for detoxing, and counseled me about diet, too. I don’t think I have yet seen her whole bag of tricks! Heidi is truly knowledgeable and she is not just an acupuncturist, but a giving clinician, always up on research."

Samantha C. / Legal Advisor  / New York City, NY

"I was referred to Heidi from someone I respect from work who has been seeing her for a number of years. I initially started seeing her for back pain and general everyday stress and discovered that she’s a deeply gifted acupuncturist and healer with the ability to read deeply into what truly might be ailing. I love everything from the smell and the calm when you walk in, to the amazing energy and talent that Heidi is. Her exceptional knowledge and love of acupuncture, spirituality, and healing has been the exact kind of treatment I desire. I leave feeling like I’m floating and restored.  I’m so grateful to have her in my life – I highly recommend her (and already have). "

 - Tara S. / Finance Industry / New York City, NY

"Heidi is awesome, educated, and such a great listener. I came to her for skin problems I've had for close to 10 years and she asked questions my dermatologist would've never asked about my diet and nutrition. She diagnosed me with candida (which my Derm would never have done); and once she linked my diet to my skin I noticed how my skin almost instantaneously rejects sugar when I take chances with what I eat. My sessions with her really helped; it feels great to know that I have control over my health."

- Jaygee M. / Actress & Singer / New York City, NY