Cupping for the Non-Olympian

Bless Micheal Phelps for "mainstreaming" cupping as an amazeballs therapy. However, with the recent Rio Olympics my Facebook feed has blown up and articles are getting posted to the internet by the second with misinformation that's disconcerting. Cupping is something I do for patients on a daily basis and can make or break a treatment, so I wanted to offer up a few quick hit truth bombs on the subject.

Bone Broth for Belly Healing

In a word, bone broth is simply magic. It's a multivitamin, a medicine for all kinds of ailments, and a delicious food all wrapped up in one. It keeps you healthy, helps you recover when sick, is one of the most nourishing foods on the planet and is ridiculously easy to make. The top 10 reason on why it's nature's hot love in a crock pot start with...

Easy Peasy Castor Oil Packs

I use castor oil packs in the office with patients on a daily basis. When viewed through the lens of Chinese medicine, when taken internally castor oil will aid your body in the removal of toxins through the bowels (hence antique posters of smiling babies with diapers ripe for changing). When used externally, it increases the circulation of blood and body fluids - which means it has potent pain management properties. There are hundreds of uses for castor oil, but the magic of castor oil shines when it comes to GYN and castor oil packs...

    Probiotic Primer

    Our belly contains several pounds (yes, pounds!) of helpful bacteria that help us with things such as digesting last night's kebab and killing fungi or harmful bacteria that have managed to find their way into the gut. Good bacteria is a vital part of our immune system, and when the bacterial balance is off, we're off too. Learn how to shop for the right type of probiotic, recommended protocols, and the brands I'm always recommending. 

    Feeling a Little S.A.D.

    This year's winter onset seems to have hit people particularly hard. The most common comment I'm hearing from the clinic to the subway is, "I can't BELIEVE how dark it is at 4:30pm. It's just so depressing." Allopathic medicine calls this S.A.D., or seasonal affective disorder, a type of depression that's related to a change from fall to winter. Asian medicine calls it normal.

    TED Talk: The Surprising Story of Medical Marijuana and Pediatric Epilepsy

    Plant medicine comes in many forms and sneaks its way into the most unlikely places. It can be the chamomile tea that you use to fall asleep, the weird pills your acupuncturist gives you for your back pain, or the chemotherapy your mother receives at the hospital. It can even be the medical marijuana pediatric tincture that stops childhood seizures. 

    The 5-3-1 to Dating

    All healing starts with the heart - which means that the topic of dating often comes up in session. Different dating strategies regularly walk in my office door: complete aversion to dating, dating for fun, dating for temporary external fulfillment, or dating out of obligation. They all have their place, but they don't rank anywhere near the "soul vitamin" category – there's little to no lasting nourishment to be found in these circumstances. So where does one even start?

    The Magic of Golden Milk

    The current research on turmeric as kitchen cabinet medicine is backing up what herbalists have known for generations - it stops pain, is anti-inflammatory, promotes digestive health, detoxifies the liver, and boosts the immune system. Easiest way to get more of it? Golden Turmeric Milk! 

    Meditation for a Calm Heart

    The proper home of spirit is in the heart. The element associated with the heart in Asian medicine is fire - and our fire meridians run through to our hands. This is a beautifully simple 3 minute meditation that Yogi Bhajan taught to calm the heart. Perfect for beginners to meditation warriors!

    INTERVIEW: How to Treat Hashimoto's with Diet and Lifestyle Upgrades

    As part of her own adventures in wellness, Phoebe created a bi-weekly interview series on Google+ where she interviews various guests on health & wellness. I had the honor, along with Amie Valpone, of sitting down for an in-depth hour long discussion on thyroid dis-ease (something VERY near and dear to my heart). 

    Allergies: Nothing to Sneeze At

    Keeping your allergies to a minimum is all based on managing inflammation, minimizing allergen exposure and keeping immune response down to a dull roar. In addition to acupuncture, there are plenty of things you can do to control your body’s inflammatory response and reduce your exposure to allergens without having to rip out all the carpeting in your home. 

    INTERVIEW: Asian Medicine and Headaches

    During our hour long radio chat, Emma talks a bit about her own encounters with acupuncture in treating her thyroid disorder and we discuss how Eastern medicine approaches health through the lens of treating headaches - something we can all relate to! Allopathic medicine recognizes 5 types of headaches whereas Eastern medicine recognizes 13 types with over 50 different treatments.

    Spring Clean Your Liver

    I stand in complete awe and amazement of the liver. Asian medicine views the liver as a unique being which has its own blood, Qi, soul and specific job as General of the armed forces in charge of keeping you alive. She can be your best friend or your worst enemy – depending on how you treat her. Your liver works 24/7 – the poor lass really does need a break.

    14 Magic Uses for Epsom Salt

    It’s heartbreaking to think how Epsom salt has been relegated to the bottom shelf in the back of the pharmacy. Where’s the love? I grew up knowing the power of a good old-fashioned Epsom salt bath and was turned on to its clinical uses while studying Asian medicine. However, over the past year I've discovered 14 additional reasons why Epsom salt rocks!

    Epsom Salt = Foot Heaven

    Epsom salt is one of my medicine cabinet staples and I’m increasingly prescribing it to help patients with everything from migraines to TMJ to bone spurs to insomnia. So far, everyone has LOVED it! 

    The Story of the Chinese Zodiac

    Once upon a time in China, the Jade Emperor decided there should be a way of measuring time. He had already mastered the lessons of Yin and Yang, the five elements, and 111 constellations. But he needed a way to mark the hours, months and years in his majestic kingdom. So he created the divine Heavenly Cycle and used the animals who won a race to name each month, year, and hour of his Zodiac!

    2014 Welcomes the Year of the Spring Horse!

    The year of the Spring Horse is going to knock your boots off! Take comfort in the fact that your trusty steed is here and that YOU are the knight in shining armor. Yee Haa!! Check out why 2014 is about be a once in every 2 generations type of year...

    Strong Blood Equals a Strong You

    One of the most common issues I see in the office is what's known in Asian medicine as Blood deficiency. And, yes, that's blood with a capital B because it's not the same blood we think of in biomedicine. This patient resource guide includes an explanation of Blood deficiency and suggests supplements that help build blood, food to boost nutrient absorption, and things to avoid.

    How to Avoid the Flu-pocalypse

    Outside of the standard "wash your hands" there are a whole host of things you can to do to stay healthy between now and spring. Some of the below suggestions will help you become a "Flu Day Prepper" by creating an autumn arsenal should the Flu-pocalypse hit. Other suggestions will help give you the best chances of it never happening - either way, stay healthy my friends!

    Black Pepper and Pomegranate Juice Mélange

    One of our "ancient Chinese secrets" in Asian Medicine is that black pepper happens to be an incredibly powerful medicinal masquerading as steak seasoning.  It's a classic example of the pantry as medicine cabinet. Yogi Bhajan's recipe for black pepper and pomegranate "tea" is a fantastic example of silk road medicine to keep the cold & flu at bay!