Acupuncture is poetry in motion, balance on the head of a pin. It gives our system permission to harmonize with the now. Western medicine saves lives as a remedy to emergency; Eastern medicine makes sure we never get there or helps shorten our tenure when needed.  

Acupuncture aims to restore the body's natural balance by stimulating our own intrinsic built-in healing mechanisms. The ability to return to that place of comfort and to heal is within you, encoded in your heart, mind, and DNA. Acupuncture gives the body permission to unleash the code. 




By nourishing yourself, you nourish the world. When we're healthy, we vibrate. We radiate. We can’t help but inspire.

When we don't have the internal resources to fully heal, they can be found through diet and herbs. Sometimes, the only thing needed to bring us back into alignment is a course correction using the living herbal medicine of our ancestors. And when we approach food as soul vitamins, we awaken to the living medicine that surrounds us.


Dr. Heidi Lovie, DACM

I believe that when we are healthy and centered, thriving is no longer an option but a mandatory reality.

Change your health and you change the world. You have the courage to be a conscious crusader, an agent for beauty, an inspiration. Be the one in the room who radiates balance.  And by reclaiming your birthright of joy, quietude, and longevity, you silently give others permission to follow suit.